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Where is your store?

Our Shop is located at 125 Water Street in Guilford, CT. We are not a traditional storefront, and so we do not have fixed store hours. Our monthly schedule is published on our Facebook page, and sent to our email list. We are open to the public twice monthly, and by appointment throughout the month, and sell online throughout the month. 

How can I sell you clothes? 

​We try to make selling your clothing as convenient as possible. You can read about selling us clothing, and sign-up to schedule a pick-up here.

What brands and sizes do you buy? 

​In short, any brands are welcome, provided that they are gently loved, and free of stains, rips, holes or other signs of wear. That said, there isn't much of a market for discount brands, only because buying the item new might only cost $1-2 more in many cases, so for that reason, discount brand items will have to be like new condition to be considered. 

​We currently carry sizes newborn to 8 and shoe sizes up to Youth 4. 

What seasons are you buying now?

​All of them. We buy all seasons all the time. We will post if we are in search of specific sizes, seasons or items, but in general we are always interested in looking at anything you have! 

How should I prepare the clothing? 

​No - we don't require clothes be on hangers, folded into origami animal shapes, or be placed in chronological order by date your kids wore them, just no. NOBODY has time for that! We take a bit more of a common sense approach- the better clothing looks (clean, not wrinkled etc)  and the easier it is to look through the better for both of us. 

Aren't you being a little picky?

​Short answer we are. When it comes to stains, rips, holes, and signs of wear, we are admittedly picky. If we don't buy an item for any of these reasons, please don't be offended. We indeed need to be picky, so that everyone can have confidence when buying from us, knowing the level of quality they can expect every time, whether buying online or in person. 

When is your next sale?!?!​

The best way to stay informed on where our next sale will be, is to sign up for our email list below. You will get notifications on sales, deals, and the occasional preview before everyone else on amazing items! Everything is also posted to our Facebook page. If all else fails, just send me a message!